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Gravity Guy 2

Are you expert in gravity games! Then, Reverse the polarity of this world and manipulate your surroundings to reach the conclusion. Gravity Guy 2 brings you the opportunity to experience the same in more exclusive and exciting features over its predecessor. There are as many as 20 Gravity Guy 2 missions to achieve. More Below.

The levels are principally due to the fact, based on to utilize a power on an individual run , you have to expense your earned coins to complete so. Every power you apply on a single run will necessitate you more coins. Every successful mission will take you to next mission even harder, more challenging and interesting.In any mission, once the avatar fall, your run is over, all the powers you acquired will be gone and you have to start it again from that mission. For that, you have to pay again to manage the power. For instance, if you want to collect a vast number of coins in an individual run, you may choose to use the "Amplifier power" which enhances the number of coins that are awarded for hitting a bullseye or making a flawless landing.


While in each level the challenges are getting increasingly difficult, they are not at all difficult for the clone you are using. In Gravity Guy 2 there are specific powers that your avatar can utilize when you need to achieve a distinct challenge. As far as difficulty is concerned, according to the feedback of the gamers, traveling 5,000m in a single run is really troublesome. You can achieve levels as much as you practice more. It could be too tough for some players.


Furthermore, this new version of Gravity Guy is utmost for gamers to expertise their control and check their skills and reflexes. All in all, Gravity Guy 2 is a remarkably entertaining and insanely fanatic game to play. Bring out time in your busy schedule, visit our website, and enjoy Gravity Guy 2 to the fullest. Have a good luck!!!

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